Humility: Watch Your Mouth

In short, a good heart produces good words. A bad heart produces bad words. The evidence of a changed heart is, at least partially, observed by the change in our speech. I know some people will glance over this introduction and think to themselves, “This is basic. I know that already. I don’t need to read this.” Yet, I find that we constantly need discipline in the small areas of our lives. It’s the small things done poorly over long periods of time that causes major explosions.

Here’s Your Opportunity to Take Action Against Human Trafficking

If you have not already done so, please review my report from this year’s International Justice Mission (IJM) Advocacy Summit. As promised, I am providing the next steps for you to support the estimated 27 million voiceless victims who are currently trapped in human trafficking. This is what’s happening right now on the political scene:Continue reading “Here’s Your Opportunity to Take Action Against Human Trafficking”

HOT Topic: Racism and Interracial Commercials

Over the past few months both Sprint and Cheerios launched campaigns featuring interracial families. Sprint’s campaign features NBA player, Kevin Durant, as the husband of an Asian wife, and their biracial son. The more recently released Cheerios commercial features a beautiful biracial girl engaging her white mother in morning conversation about the benefits Cheerios hasContinue reading “HOT Topic: Racism and Interracial Commercials”