“Known and Loved” Book Review

I cannot believe that summer is almost over. We had a LONG winter in North Carolina and it seems like half the spring was filled with cold fronts and the other half with showers. I enjoy warm weather and to me, it seems like the summer just rolled in. In spite of talking a fullContinue reading ““Known and Loved” Book Review”

Announcement: The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor

In light of recent news events, it is my earnest desire to initiate dialog that is God-honoring, productive, and brings us to a place of unity in the body of Christ. We should have enough courage to be honest with ourselves, wrestle with hard things, and acknowledge what we don’t understand. We should be ableContinue reading “Announcement: The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor”

The President has Spoken & A Way Up for African American Boys

The Washington Post released the following statement given by President Obama. In it, the President deliberately stated that we must do something to change the trajectory of our African American boys. To that end, I felt it important to repost a summary of the mini-series I published titled, “A Way Up for African American Boys.” I have several purposes for this series: 1) providing education and increasing awareness, 2) challenging everyone that each of us can do something about this issue, and 3) reflecting a realistic and positive image of Black boys and men in America. Let’s talk about it.