The President has Spoken & A Way Up for African American Boys

Our Coffee Talk this week included my personal reflections from the Saturday and Sunday after the Not Guilty verdict in the killing of the African American teenager, Trayvon Martin.

I followed that post with a Hot Topic which asked the questions, “Where Do We Go from Here? And how should we talk to our children about race?”

After I hit the “publish” button, the Washington Post released the following statement given by President Obama. In it, the President deliberately stated that we must do something to change the trajectory of our African American boys.

To that end, I felt it important to repost a summary of the mini-series I published titled, “A Way Up for African American Boys.” I have several purposes for this series: 1) providing education and increasing awareness, 2) challenging everyone that each of us can do something about this issue, and 3) reflecting a realistic and positive image of Black boys and men in America. Let’s talk about it.

Part 1: These are the Issues

The next IMPACT movement conference is being held in Atlanta, GA from December 28, 2013 to January 1, 2014.

Part 2: Make an Impact – Share Jesus

If you live in a diverse community, your church can do something about this issue. I challenge you to arm church leaders with the information shared in this post, along with the Racial Reconciliation Series, and Black History Month mini-series, pray to God and get to work.

Part 3: Be a Mentor

Featuring by Naval Academy classmate and Navy Officer, Marlon Terrell

There are several great mentoring organizations to consider. You can find one in your area:

Susan L. Taylor National CARES Mentoring Movement

Steve Harvey Mentoring Campaign

National Mentoring Partnership

Boys and Girls Club of America

Part 4: Be a Tutor

Featuring my husband, Deronta Robinson

Part 5: Be an Example – The Motivational Leader of the Pack

Featuring Zerbin Singleton, U.S. Marine Corps Pilot

© Natasha Sistrunk Robinson 2013

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