Justice Too: Opening Our Eyes to See

“Maybe one of the best ways to meaningfully add biblical justice in our lives is to open our eyes wide and see the very ones we usually look past.” – Erin Ludwig


Given the Labor Day holiday, I am moving things back one day on the blog with week. We will pick up with Chapter 4 of The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor book discussion on tomorrow.

Today, I am sharing the second post from a three part Justice series by writer friend and fellow Redbud, Kelli Trujillo. In this series she asks justice advocates three questions:

1. Why are you passionate about biblical justice?

2. Injustice in our world can seem so overwhelming and discouraging. Ever felt that way? And how can we overcome discouragement & inertia and move forward into hopeful action?

3. What are 3 meaningful things a person could od to take up the cause of biblical justice in their everyday life?

I believe these are three questions that we should each be asking ourselves on a regular basis. I’m including her series because it complements our book discussion and helps us better see others through the eyes of Jesus.

Hear the words of advocate, musician, and author, Erin Ludwig.

Until tomorrow…



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Servant of Jesus. Truth-teller. Leader. Mentor. Author of Books.

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