Dangerous Act: Looking in the Mirror

The Dangerous Act of Loving Your NeighborIn the previous chapter, we talked about the importance of learning how to see others. Chapter 5: Self-Seeing reveals that a distorted view of others is often the reflection of a poor view of ourselves. “We see as we have been seen, or as we think we have been seen. The shattered mirror by which we see ourselves, our neighbors and God affects our heart’s perceptions of everyone and everything else (pg. 80).” So today is a day for personal reflection:

How do you see God? What are some words you would use to complete the following sentence?

God is ____________.

What does the Bible say about God?

How do you see yourself? I recall reading Elisa Morgan’s book, “She Did What She Could.” After the first reading, I created what I titled the “I Am” exercise for the women in our mentoring ministry. We began with a reflection on Psalm 139:4:

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful; I know that full well.

After prayer and reflection, we asked the women to make a list of “I Am” statements. You can begin with something simple like:

I am the child of _________, or the sibling of___________, or the spouse of___________, or the parent of ___________, or the grandparent of_______________.

Here is an example of my “I Am” statements.

This exercise might also give you an opportunity to explore your broken places or unresolved character shaping issues. Reflections from the book: “What has cracked or broken your mirror? Why? What has the impact been? How has the grace of God helped you face this and seek God’s renewing change in your own life, and in your capacity to mirror the worth of others to them?”

Finding God’s grace: What does the Bible say about you?…as one created by God, image bearer, child of God, priest in his kingdom, etc.

“If we cannot see ourselves, we are going to be all the more distorted in our vision of our neighbor and of God (pg. 87).”

How do these two realities (your view of God and your view of self) shape the way that you view others (particularly those who are “different”)?

Blessings, Natasha

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