Coffee Talk: Permission Granted

A friend of mine released a book that was titled, Permission Granted. I thought to myself, “That’s such a cool title.” Far too often, God gives us permission and makes us aware of things that we can do or should do, but for whatever reason, we do not respond in obedience to those promptings ofContinue reading “Coffee Talk: Permission Granted”

Dangerous Act: Living and Bankrupt

So far, we have talked about the importance of paying attention, seeing, and naming and how all of those speak to the injustices of our hearts. In today’s post, we take a look at our freedom to act. “We come to the subject of acting at this point not because it is sequentially the lastContinue reading “Dangerous Act: Living and Bankrupt”

Dangerous Act: I hate the word, “Nigger.”

I hate the word, “Nigger.” I don’t like what is stands for, it’s not a part of my personal vocabulary, and I cringe when I hear other people use it. I don’t even like variations of the word (ex. nigga) and all of the explanations that I’ve heard justifying its use and the exchange ofContinue reading “Dangerous Act: I hate the word, “Nigger.””