Mentoring: Are you available?

I’m a “check list” kind of girl. I write checklists so that I am productive, but also because I am quick forgetful. Every Sunday evening, I sit down at my desk to determine what I need to prioritize and get done in the upcoming week. I outline the entire week, including the reading and writingContinue reading “Mentoring: Are you available?”

A Testimony about Grace, Compassion, & Reconciliation

I am still encouraging my readers and friends to sign the “Open Letter to the Evangelical Church” which was drafted by 80 Asian American leaders who call for a dialog concerning cultural insensitivities and the racial reconciliation needed in the American Church. My friend, Vivian Mabuni, shares her personal testimony about entering into the livesContinue reading “A Testimony about Grace, Compassion, & Reconciliation”

Lean In: When Black Women in the Workplace Talk

I recently interviewed Dr. Ancella Livers, author and Senior Design Faculty of the global Center of Creative Leadership in Greensboro, NC concerning Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, and whether or not it applies to the experience of black women in the workplace. When Facebook’s No. 2 executive and billionaire, Sheryl Sandberg, released her book entitled,Continue reading “Lean In: When Black Women in the Workplace Talk”