Give Thanks and Rest

As I revisit the final pages of The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor and as we enter this holiday season, I am reminded again of our need to pause and rest.

Give Thanks

The rhythm of sustainable Christian action comes from rest: from living in the rest or Sabbath of God whose actions create and re-create us. We love because God first loved us. It’s true, faith must be walked to be faith. Grace does not make action optional. It makes action compelling and possible. But we know that our acts are neither themselves the source of grace nor ever adequate enough as an expression of our own gratitude, let alone as a response to human need. We need to drink in God’s grace and take the long view precisely so we can sustain our action by remembering who we are and who we are not, and by remembering that our acts are framed by God’s supreme act of hope in Christ (211).

Let us remember this grace and give thanks. Let us remember our need for rest. Let us draw near to the one who sustains us on this just journey of hope.

Blessings, © Natasha Sistrunk Robinson 2013

The Dangerous Act of Loving your Neighbor Summary

Introduction: Dangerous Act and a Heart Like the Grinch

Chapter 1: Stop Rubbernecking, It’s Dangerous

Chapter 2: WE See No Evil

Chapter 3: Injustice and the Problem of Misperceiving

Chapter 4: Learning to See

Chapter 5: Looking in the Mirror

Chapter 6: God Help Us

Chapter 7: Choosing to Name

Chapter 8: Why Naming Matters

Chapter 9: The Power of a Name

Chapter 10: Distorted Names

Chapter 11: Changing Names

Chapter 12: Living and Bankrupt

Chapter 13: Hoarding the Grace of God

Chapter 14: When Comfort Blinds

Chapter 15: Worship is God’s Language

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