#Justice Hero: What’s in a Name? Madiba

Introducing James “Jimmy” McGee III paying homage to the man we have come to know as Nelson Mandela. “Madiba,” that’s what he is called. This name was foreign to us. As most guessed it has African roots, but no one associated the name with Nelson Mandela. It is a name in which his countrymen, membersContinue reading “#Justice Hero: What’s in a Name? Madiba”

#Justice: A War Cry Against Gender-based Violence

It’s my honor to introduce Megan Westra as she shares her battle cry against gender-based violence and the hope she has for safe communities for all women. Welcome Megan. ——————————————————————————– I grew up idyllic and carefree in a valley just beyond the coal fields in West Virginia. I heard about abuse, I read about it,Continue reading “#Justice: A War Cry Against Gender-based Violence”

#RefuseToDoNothing: So You Want to be an Activist?

“Why do we know more about Paris Hilton than we know about slavery (40)?” Today, we would ask, “Why do we know more about Beyonce or Miley Cyrus than we know about slavery?” “Why is the media more focused on which celebrity is in what rehab center or wearing which fashion designer to an awardsContinue reading “#RefuseToDoNothing: So You Want to be an Activist?”