The #Justice Conference is on the Way…

I was so excited to participate in The Justice Conference in 2013! This year, I’ll be attending by watching the simulcast at the “partnership location” in Greensboro, NC. If you are following this series, it means that you care about justice. The Justice Conference is your one-stop-shop to all things justice.

#Justice~Q2: In the fight against sex trafficking, where are the men?

I preparation for the upcoming human trafficking education and awareness series I am organizing in Greensboro, NC, I have participated in a couple radio spots. As I learn and speak more about the issue, people want to know, “What can I do about human trafficking?” The first response is: Educate yourself, Share the information withContinue reading “#Justice~Q2: In the fight against sex trafficking, where are the men?”

The Great Righteousness-#Justice Divide

It is my honor to introduce for the first time on A Sista’s Journey, Deborah P. Brunt. The Great Righteousness-Justice Divide Righteousness and justice are inextricably linked. We cannot simultaneously choose for one and against the other. The Old Testament repeatedly connects the two terms, affirming them as complementary qualities of God’s nature and ofContinue reading “The Great Righteousness-#Justice Divide”