Refuse to do Nothing: Stop the Violence #HumanTrafficking

The last people who should get caught off guard by injustice in the world should be Bible-believing Christians.

Gary Haugen, International Justice Mission (IJM) Founder & President & author of The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence


Last week, I shared the video and introduction of Gary Haugen’s new release, The Locust Effect. You can buy the ‪#‎LocustEffect by 2/15 & $20 will go to @IJM to fight violence against the poor. Learn why:

Today, I’m sharing excerpts from his book, Terrify No More, as points of reflection concerning our own lives and choices in relation to our neighbors who are suffering. In chapter 6 of Refuse to do Nothing, Shayne and Kim use these quotes to remind readers of the biblical convictions which compel us to stand for justice and fight modern-day slavery. When we stand for justice, we stand with God; so what prevents us from taking a stand?

“First, we underestimate the value of what God has given us to transform lives. Second, we underestimate the value of a single life. And third, we underestimate God’s determination to rescue us from a trivial existence if we will just free up our hands and our hearts from unworthy distractions and apply them to matters that make a difference in someone else’s life (p. 32).”

“Our God is a God of justice, who does not turn a deaf ear to the cries of the oppressed. He alone empowers us as we confront the dark world of injustice and experience the joy of rescue, relief, and grace given to those who are suffering (p. ix).”

We need to open our eyes to the reality that human trafficking is a business, a violent business in which the demand and supply are both initiated by human beings. This violence is “simply the result of stronger neighbors harming weaker (Locust Effect, p. 45).” This means that there must be strong neighbors who are willing to protect our weaker neighbors—those who are poor, oppressed, and most vulnerable like our children. This also means that violence can be stopped.

“Can you see yourself standing with these victims as a beacon of hope? What would that look like in your life (RFTDN, p. 74)?”

Part 2

Refuse to Do Nothing Book Discussion

Chapter 1: The issue of Human Trafficking

Chapter 2: We’ve Done This Before

Chapter 3: So you want to be an activist?

Chapter 4: Take Action #HumanTrafficking

Chapter 5: Be Brave, No Excuses

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