Refuse to do Nothing: You Have Purchasing Power

Chapter 12 leads us into the last four chapters of the book which all focus on our power. The reality is that we have more power than we think. Today, we center our discussion on our purchasing power.

Part 4- Know Your Power (Corrected)

Can you image what would happen if the church in America

began seeing itself as the conscience of the free market? Can you imagine the

enormous blessings that it could pour out on the rest of the world simply by

deciding to ensure that justice and compassion are built into how the

products we need and use every day are sourced?

– Nathan George, Trade As One

Here’s the reality: “From cars to clothes to food, every industry uses commodities tainted by slavery (134).” Therefore, “it is important that companies hear from their customers. Without that input, many will continue to make decisions based only on their bottom line (134).”

By speaking in one voice, consumers can bring enough pressure to bear to remove the slavery ingredient from the things we buy (134). – Kevin Bales, president of Free the Slaves

We can decide to be educated and informed customers. We can make the conscious choice to redirect our spending.

Chapter 12 includes a list of the authors’ favorite places to redirect their spending. In addition to a few places that I know, I have included a couple of them below.


Body and Hair: Check out Sundial Brands, Shea Moisture @SheaMoisture4u and Nubian Heritage @NubianHeritage

The Body Shop @thebodyshopusa

For Coffee Lovers: Consider Caribou Coffee @Caribou_Coffee

Technology: Read “Apple Becomes the World’s First Fair Trade Tech Company

Home and Décor: (also available at Macy Department stores)


Apparel: Krochet Kids, Intl (hats are available at Nordstrom) @krochetkids

Jewelry: Fashion & Compassion @Fashion2Empower

Purses: Change Purse @changepurse_org

Please list other companies and links in the comment section.


Step 1: Go to or use the FreeWorld mobile app to take a brief survey which calculates your slavery footprint. “You can begin to improve your footprint by contacting your favorite brands, asking companies for products not tainted by slavery and asking the same companies to monitor their supply chains (137).”

Step 2: Contact your Favorite Companies through

Step 3: Find out more, shop, and support Not for Sale, an organization the fights modern-day slavery around the world using business creation, supply chain evaluation, and aftercare aid.

Modern-day Slavery is a Business, and We’re Going to Fight it with Business.

– Samuel Baker, Director of Business Development

What are you going to do with your purchasing power?

Blessings, © Natasha Sistrunk Robinson 2014

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