Biblical Justice Series Summary

Natasha Robinson-Justice photoWelcome to the Justice Series

The Theology of Justice:

What’s the Big Deal about Justice? by Dr. Paul Louis Metzger

“No Jesus, No Justice” by Andy Crouch

What is Biblical Justice? by Dr. Paul Louis Metzger

#Justice: Don’t Give Up! (The Holy Spirit and Justice)

Injustices in Our Theology by Drew Miller (featuring Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil)

Mentoring & God’s Heart for Justice (an interview with Stephan Bauman, CEO of World Relief)

Justice Posts:

Injustices Against Women

The Dehumanization of Black Children

Make Darkness Light: Prayers of Righteousness @IJM

#JusticeConference2014: The Issues & The Questions

Why Reconciliation Needs #Justice

The End of Violence #LocustEffect

Fasting for Biblical Justice (Immigration Reform)

Book Reviews:

Just Spirituality and Social Justice Handbook (Author: Mae Elise Cannon)

The Just Church (Author: Jim Martin)

Let Justice Roll Down (Author: John Perkins)

The #LocustEffect: Stop the Violence Against the Poor (Author: Gary Haugen)

Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power (Author: Andy Crouch)

Justice Chronicles and Guest Posts:

Justice in Education for All by Megan Westra

Rescue Orphans by Jamie Rohrbaugh

Justice Chronicles: What One Person & Young People Can Do by Kenny Sipes

Finding Faith in Freedom Fighting by Sara Pomeroy

Justice Chronicles: Clean Water by Blake Mankin

The Human Face of Love & Justice by Margot Starbuck

The Punishment of Injustice by Tim Fall

A Peek into Urban Violence by Megan Westra

Justice Chronicles: Immigration & Love for My Neighbor by Catherine McNiel

When Gender Reconciliation Doesn’t Preach by Suzanne Burden

Do We Want Racial #Justice or Colorblindness? by Austin Brown

A #Justice Hero: What’s in a Name? Madiba (Nelson Mandela) by James McGee

A War Cry Against Gender-based Violence by Megan Westra

The Great Righteousness-#Justice Divide by Deborah P. Brunt

Refuse to do Nothing: Finding Your Power to Abolish Modern-Day Slavery  

Chapter 1: The issue of Human Trafficking

Chapter 2: We’ve Done This Before

Chapter 3: So you want to be an activist?

Chapter 4: Take Action #HumanTrafficking

Chapter 5: Be Brave, No Excuses

Chapter 6: Stop the Violence

Chapter 7: Not in My Backyard

Chapter 8: Sex for Money

Chapter 9: Be the Nosy Neighbor

Chapter 10: Congo, Your Phone, and Child Slaves

Chapter 11: Chocolate, Not So Sweet

Chapter 12: You Have Purchasing Power

Chapter 13: You have Relationship Power

Chapter 14: You have Advocacy Power

Chapter 15: What is Still Needed

Human Trafficking

In the News: Human Trafficking is a Problem in NC

Could your Daughter be Trafficked?

In the fight against sex trafficking, where are the men? by Beth Bruno

What Does 2014 Hold for the Fight Against Modern-Day Slavery?

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