Race Matters: Last Week & #Ferguson

My soul has been weary reading, watching, praying, and going from one emotional extreme to the other as I have watched the events transpire in #Ferguson over the past few days. The facts that we know concerning this incident: For those who are not aware, on Saturday, August 9 a white police officer, Darren Wilson,Continue reading “Race Matters: Last Week & #Ferguson”

#Mentoring: When You Learn, Teach

SheLovesMagazine.com is hosting a week-long series on mentoring. I am featured on today’s post. ——————————————————- I remember when I first saw her. She was a vibrant, fresh face in the sea of bodies passing through the noisy hallway of my church on Sunday morning. She is one of the reasons why some people are saying, “FortyContinue reading “#Mentoring: When You Learn, Teach”

Book Review: Jesus Feminist by @sarahbessey

Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women Exploring God’s Radical Notion that Women are People, Too Why I picked up this book: Seminarians have the opportunity to complete a lot of reading. After evaluating my reading diet over the past few years, I was a little discouraged by the limited amountContinue reading “Book Review: Jesus Feminist by @sarahbessey”