Mentoring Monday: God’s Gives Us Everything for a Life of Holiness

I’m honored to be at fellow Redbud Heather’s Blog today talking about mentoring: the labor, its joys, and how it can be an effective tool for racial reconciliation:

How has mentoring transformed you


How has mentoring transformed you—both being mentored, and mentoring others?

I was mentored by older women who had experienced bumps and cracks in their life, but had gotten up. They were healthy—I think that’s really important, because otherwise the relationships can be damaging.

These women were very clear about who they were in Christ Jesus. They were confident and had their sights set on Jesus; they weren’t trying to make me into someone else.

It was freeing and challenging to be in relationship with them. I didn’t feel pressure to be them, or to make the same life choices they’d made. But I had to think about how I would live as a Christian and as a woman.

Because of them, I grew into my womanhood. That was very transformative.

As a mentor, I find the relationships are very humbling. It is challenging, but I get great joy out of doing it.

Continue reading at Heather Caliri’s blog.

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