Coffee Talk: A Child Shall Lead Them

Kirk Franklin jammin' in his Hammer Pants
Kirk Franklin jammin’ in his Hammer Pants

This past May, I had the opportunity to check an item off my bucket list. For her birthday, I took my daughter to see Kirk Franklin in concert. Hands down, Kirk Franklin is one my favorite gospel artists, and he is actually in competition with Michael Jackson to become my daughter’s favorite artist as well. We attended the amusement park with friends, hung out all day, played in the water, and then waited for the concert to start. The concert also featured Tamela Mann (another one of my favorites) and Lecrae (whom I heard for the first time). We were jamming, singin, lifting our hands, and having a great time!

Before Kirk Franklin took the stage, one of the event sponsors, Compassion International had a gentleman give his testimony and a video about the work they do to share the gospel and provide basic needs to children living in extreme poverty. I sat there, said a few “Amens,” and shook my head up and down as the gentleman spoke. Then the moment of decision came. The speaker asked if anyone who is willing to sponsor a child would raise their hand so a representative can bring them a sponsor passage. Before I blinked my eyes, my daughter’s hand was up in the air.

I was shocked. Perhaps because she does not have a job and didn’t consult me before deciding to make a long term financial investment. I was also a little shocked because we already sponsor two children. She knows them by name and we pray for them daily. We were doing the very things the speaker was asking for. So I turned to her and said, “Baby, we already have two sponsor children.” Then she said, “I know momma, but we can do more.” I was silent.

My husband and I are generous people. We give regularly to several causes; therefore, I know that our financial budget is tight. So as not to become self-absorbed or too materialistic, we purposefully make decisions to feel the financial pinch. But the reality is, we live in the suburbs, shop occasionally, travel regularly, and go out to eat when we get lazy and don’t want to cook. Thanks be to God that nobody is missing meals in my household, so she is right. We can do more.

We took a package and then called her father. “I just want to let you know that your daughter has committed us to sponsor another child. It’s not my fault this time.” Sometimes my daughter leads and mentors, and we follow her. I pray that we will all have the compassion, innocence, and joy of this sweet little girl. We can indeed do more.

You can sponsor a child through Compassion International for $38/month. This monthly donation ensures that children living in extreme poverty receive food and clean water, medical care, educational opportunities, life-skills training, and nurture their personal relationship with Christ.

If you already sponsor a child, please share in the comment section what that sponsorship means to you and your family.

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