Interview: Why Your Church Needs Group Mentoring

Why Your Church Needs Group Mentoring photo_RTDN 1I’m so excited to share a recent interview I did with Christianity Today’s BuildingChurchLeaders website!

How did you end up starting a mentoring ministry?

I was mentored by a woman in college. I went to the Naval Academy, where mentoring is a built-in component of leadership. There was an expectation for the sophomores to mentor freshmen, the juniors to mentor the sophomores and freshmen, and so on. As I was being mentored, I was also connecting with other young Christian women who were either new to the faith or didn’t have a faith community. When I did a Bible study with a woman who was discipling me, she would often give me her notes and we would review them in the time that we spent together, and then I would take those notes and do the same study with the girls who lived in my dormitory. That’s what started it all.

Then, a few years ago, I was leading the women’s small groups in my church. I saw that women were thirsty. They wanted more from God and more from the church. They didn’t mind being challenged. That was the foundation of the mentoring ministry.

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