Leadership: Multi-ethnic Small Groups

Mosaix LogoDiversity Helps Us Grow in Christlikeness.

Christianity Today Smallgroups.com just published a leader’s guide for Multi-ethnic Small Groups which features my interview with founder of the Mosaix Global Network and Pastor, Mark DeYmaz.

Here is an outline of leadership guide:

Multiethnic Small Groups Matter
Are we really “all one in Christ”?
By Amy Jackson


Showing Hospitality to the “Stranger”
Why it’s so important to hear stories from people who are different from us
By Ruth Haley Barton


Wisdom from Multiethnic Churches

Lead a Healthy Multiethnic Small Group

Wisdom from Mark DeYmaz, pastor of Mosaic Church
Interview by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Multiethnic Small Groups and Racial Reconciliation
How one church’s quest for reconciliation is reflected in their groups
Interview by Amy Jackson

Practical Tips

How Psychology Shapes Our Prejudice
Christena Cleveland, a social psychologist, is helping churches transcend deep-seated divisions.
By C. Christopher Smith


Build Multicultural Understanding
3 tips for multiethnic small groups
By William Fraher Abernathy


Practical Wisdom for Multiethnic Ministry
What one church is learning about developing unity in a diverse church
By Kevin M. Gushiken


Discipling People from Collective Cultures
Most churches aren’t as individualistic as those in the West.
By Charles Davis


Living a Color-Conscious Life
Discover an alternative to colorblindness that builds relationships between racially diverse people.
By Austin Channing Brown

Action Steps for Healthy Multiethnic Small Groups
A list of things you can work on right away
By Amy Jackson


This resource is now available for purchase at SmallGroups.com.


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