Special Treat: #SeminaryDropout Podcast Interview

I’m so excited that Shane Blackshear asked to interview me for his #SeminaryDropout podcast.

In it, I talk about leadership, race, mentoring, human trafficking work, and I also give you a sneak peak at my upcoming mentoring book. I hope you enjoy!


View More: http://meredithmacy.pass.us/natasha-robinsonIn this episode we learn:

-about Natasha’s background and her relationship with Jesus when she was young.
-what inspired her to start writing a blog and what made her connect with God at that point.
-what’s the difference between leadership in church versus the secular environment.
-what does Natasha think about church adopting leadership models from business world.
-what perspective on leadership Natasha has as a women of color.
-how Natasha got involved in the cause of anti-human trafficking.
-what role mentoring plays in her life.
-about her new book.
-what is it about her that has struck a cord with people.

Listen to the podcast: 


Published by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Servant of Jesus. Truth-teller. Leader. Mentor. Author of Books.

2 thoughts on “Special Treat: #SeminaryDropout Podcast Interview

  1. WOW>>>this is the first time I’ve heard you speak. I hope there’s more. There’s a big difference for me between reading your blog and listening to your voice. It adds a huge dimension that adds immensely.

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