Two Stories of Race and Reconciliation

Meet my new friend & brother, Mark Moore (Courtesy and connect at:
Meet my new friend & brother, Mark Moore (Courtesy and connect at:

I have had wonderful opportunities to interact with brothers and sisters in Christ this spring during this season of travel and speaking engagements. I have loved reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones. One of these new friends is Mark Moore, Director of Church Mobilization at International Justice Mission. Mark attended a forum titled, Grappling with Race & Reconciliation as Resurrected Sons & Daughters, where I was a featured panelist at the Missio Alliance conference a couple weeks ago. During this time, I shared how one of my white male high school teachers impacted my life and influenced the trajectory of my future. Mark, a white male, was overcome with gratitude and thanksgiving as he shared his similar story with me following the forum. His was my story in reverse. It was an African American male that positively influenced his life and changed his future. I shared with him the importance of sharing these positive stories and changing the negative narratives that are far too common and stereotypical in our society. I am honored to share our encounter and part of Mark’s story here:

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Where are the Christian Hispanic Leaders?

In 2012, I completed a racial reconciliation blog series where I featured interviews of neglected voices of the church from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. I was a little dismayed during that time because I was not aware of prominent Hispanic leaders to feature.

Hispanic Leaders

Since then, I have been asking the question, “Who are the Hispanic leaders within the evangelical community?” I have found a few like Samuel Rodriguez and Gabriel Salguero who are speaking into injustices concerning the immigration system. Noel Castellanos is known for his work with the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA).

Recently, I was so excited to see this list by Corrie Mitchell, editor of OnFaith, listing 15 Hispanic Faith Leaders You Should Know and why. She also lets the reader know what ministry organizations these leaders are connected to, where they are located, and how we can find them on the internet. The list only includes one woman, so I’m definitely interested in knowing the names and contributions of other women leaders of Hispanic descent.

If you are aware of Hispanic Christian leaders serving in various capacities, please include their name, represented organization, and how we can find them on the internet in the comment section.

Blessings, Natasha

Motivation #GimmeFive

I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of graduating seniors and their families last weekend during a Community Baccalaureate Service. I shared from 1 Timothy about the importance of living godly, persevering, and being people of character.

I have just completed an intensive spring of travels and speaking, which had me thinking about the importance of preserving is every area of our lives. Specifically, I have recommitted myself to physical training and the strength conditioning of my body.

I was once a fit and competitive athlete. While serving in the military, I always obtained top scores on my physical fitness tests. After transitioning to a different career, however, it was more difficult to be consistent in my workouts. I fell out of love with running. I didn’t have a goal or fitness test to prepare for, and I had lost the support of a like-minded community. I was suffering from a case of P.A.M.:

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