Justice Awakening: Why the Church Must Lead

I just received copy edits back for my upcoming book (which I can’t wait to share with you)! When edits come back from the publisher, all other writing must cease so I didn’t get to post on the blog this week. In addition to editing, I am also preparing for a local human trafficking educationContinue reading “Justice Awakening: Why the Church Must Lead”

Fight the Power

Freedom Summer was a voting registration drive in Mississippi in 1964 which brought over a 1,000 volunteers to the state to fight racially charged abuses and harassment against black people. Systemic injustices and violent attacks escalated in the murders of two white students and a local African American male. History.com reports that, “The events ofContinue reading “Fight the Power”

Leadership: Rule Yourself

When I was prayerfully discerning which career path I would take upon graduation from the United States Naval Academy, I completed the interview process to become a Marine Corps Officer. I nervously sat in a large room where I was drilled with questions from three senior male officers from the Navy and Marine Corps. TheyContinue reading “Leadership: Rule Yourself”