Mentoring: Be Resourceful

Happy New Year, everyone! I trust this holiday season has offered a time of reflection, rest, and preparation for 2016. As I kick off the New Year with the first mentoring blog, I’m so excited! I’ve spent some time over the holiday break redesigning my website. One of the new features of the website will be helpful resources, including several printable products. Whether you are new to the idea of mentoring or have been mentoring for a long time, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can better equip you to mentor well in 2016. I’ll be launching the new website later this month and the printable products will be available for free download. These tools will:

Being Resourceful


ENGAGE new mentors or young leaders by introducing them to basic concepts,

EQUIP current mentors to lead more authentically and effectively, and

EMPOWER seasoned mentors and professionals to raise up the next generation of leaders!

I understand that mentoring can sometimes be challenging or overwhelming. My desire is to equip and prepare you before the rocky or difficult situations arise. I am not a champion of the “fake it until you make it” philosophy. I believe greater responsibility means greater accountability. So if you take on the role of influence or leadership in the life of another, you have a responsibility to train yourself to live godly and impart wisdom into their lives. Wisdom comes from the Lord. Growing in knowledge can increase your understanding and discernment. Continuous learning and having accountability for your spiritual growth and leadership development can make you a more self-aware, confident, and component leader and mentor. Leadership and mentoring challenges are often overcome and the victories are often won in our preparation. To put it bluntly, frequently we are defeated when faced with difficult situations or can’t find solutions to problems simply because we have not received the proper teaching or training. This year, I will be more intentional in resourcing you, your leadership teams, and those you influence. We will prepare together through:


first to God, then exploring what mentoring looks like particularly in the life of a believer, and asking God to reveal what effective mentoring looks like in your context or area(s) of influence.


I look forward to sharing resources with you very soon, and will launch my first book, “Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship” on March 1, 2016! This book will be accompanied by a leadership training manual and training videos for you and your leadership team.

Teaching and Training

Beginning next month, I will be available for online or onsite leadership consulting and mentoring coaching. If you have seen something on the blog that has blessed you over the years, would like to explore any topics addressed here or in my articles, need help starting a new ministry or small group, or simply need to breathe new life into your current leadership team or ministry, I’m here for you. I’m passionate about teaching the Word of God in context, and drawing practical applications for the life and challenges that mentors and leaders face.

What are your mentoring needs? What leadership challenges do you currently face? How can I best serve you?

Cheers to being resourceful, and the start of a great year!


Blessings, Natasha



Published by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Servant of Jesus. Truth-teller. Leader. Mentor. Author of Books.

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