Book Review: Every Little Thing

Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are

 Author: Deidra Riggs

Every Little Thing Book Image

Why I picked up this book:

I received a copy of this book in support of author, Deidra Riggs. I was first introduced to Deidra through social media and her blog, Jumping Tandem.

Who Should Read Every Little Thing:

This book was a delight to read over the Christmas holiday. At first, I was going to recommend it for new believers.  Having finished the book, I would say that it’s for anyone who needs the simple reminder that the gospel is more than enough.

What’s in Store for You:

With stories and lessons from her personal life, Deidre reminds us that God is present and at work right where we are, in spite of all our missteps and shining light when we do get it right. This book is a personal testimony about someone living her faith with subtle victorious or embarrassing failures. It shares the simple truths we so easily forget.

Every Little Thing asks us to consider our response when we doubt or are afraid. When God calls, however he calls, will you answer with a “Yes”? This is a book about worshiping in the mundane.

It also encourages us not to forget to dream. As believers, we need to remember:

“What God is calling out of you is you. Your hopes and dreams. Your personality. Your fears and your miscalculations. God has knit you together by his spoken Word, and he has made available to you the presence of the Holy Spirit. God looks at you and what he sees is always good.”

My personal take-aways:

This book was a reminder to slow down and not miss the sacredness of simple moments of life.

Deidra is a story teller. I particularly enjoyed the metaphor she painted in the chapter, “The Cherry Tree has got to go.” Sometimes we hold on to things in our lives because we enjoy the blessings and benefit of the gift. After all it is a good gift. When that good gift begins to rob us of the things we most value in life, however, that thing has got to go! We must let go of what’s good to preserve the greater, highest, or most sacred gifts of God. For Deidra, her father made a decision to save their house, their memories, and their family’s quality of life. If we don’t truly know what we value, we don’t have a way to measure what’s good or best. That is both a life and leadership lesson.

Deidra also humbly shared a desire, and it is a desire of mine as well. This is so much a desire, that I think I will turn it into a prayer. I am such a mess, and know there is simply no way I can do this on my own.

“I want to know God, and I want to know about God, and I want to be known by God. I want to be in awe of him, and I want to be caught up by him, and on my best days, I desire to be absorbed into him, so much so that it’s difficult for the world to tell us apart.” In Jesus name. Amen.


“Trust is the pathway through fear.” @DeidraRiggs

“The truth that God is love, and because he is, he couldn’t help but love us first of all.” @DeidraRiggs

“We either want God or we want significance. This is the crux of the matter.” @DeidraRiggs


“Changing the world is about each individual member of the body of Christ recognizing the sacredness of the role we play in the places we find ourselves every day.” – Ann Voskamp, Forward

“The best way to get through fear (and I say ‘through’ on purpose, because I suspect many of us will never really get over or even out of it; fear will always rise up to meet us as we make our way on the journey) is to press yourself right up to the very edge of the drop-off and then go one very small step further—right out into what looks like absolute nothingness from your current vantage point.” – Deidre Riggs, Every Little Thing

“Your life is a gift to you—and to the rest of us. You are a gift to us. The breath in your lungs is a gift to this world, and it is also an act of worship—a prayer of grace to God. – Deidre Riggs, Every Little Thing

At the start of a new year, Deidre offers important questions to ponder:

What is your wilderness? What is it that you’ve been resisting? Where is that place you’ve told God you will not go? Who is that person you’ve vowed to never forgive, never welcome in, never extend grace toward? Would you be willing to reconsider?

Next Up on this Topic:

“True You: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Using Your Voice” by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun and Tracey D. Bianchi

© Natasha Sistrunk Robinson 2016





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