Leaders Say “Thank You”

Leaders Say Thank You

The start of the New Year is a great time to say “Thank You” to your pastors and all those who have influenced and continue to influence you on this life journey. Now is always a good time to thank those who work and serve with you. As encouragement, I share this letter to my pastor:

Thank you.

That’s what I wanted to say to my pastor. After sitting in my chair Sunday after Sunday over the past year, I’ve been enriched and encouraged by his expository preaching. I have also been impressed with his actions as a leader. Right next to my sermon notes, I found myself making a bullet list of these actions on a blue Post-it. Given his line of work, I know that attacks and criticism come frequently, but I wanted him to know that there is a lot he gets right—and people like me notice.

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Servant of Jesus. Truth-teller. Leader. Mentor. Author of Books.

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