Four Reasons I Stand #withMalala

I’m a lover of books, pens, paper, and written words. For as long as I can remember, I have loved to read. As a young girl, I rarely went anywhere without a book in my hand. Books accompanied me to school, track meets, family vacations, and time alone with friends. Books were my companions asContinue reading “Four Reasons I Stand #withMalala”

30 Minutes on Mentoring

  Is mentoring the same as discipleship? What are the challenges that mentors face? Why are people not mentoring in the church? How can a mentoring community benefit both mentor and mentees? Who’s the real mentor anyway? Why do we need mentoring in the church?   I had the pleasure of answering these questions andContinue reading “30 Minutes on Mentoring”

Get a free copy of #Mentor4Life now!

I had the pleasure of recently interviewing with 4word Women, a nonprofit organization connecting, leading, and supporting professional women to achieve their potential. They are giving away a free copy of ‪#‎Mentor4Life! You can check out my recent interview and enter to win with this link: We discuss everything from my inspiration, mentoring in the church,Continue reading “Get a free copy of #Mentor4Life now!”