Mentoring Uniquely Defined

Writing Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship has given me the opportunity to address mentoring from a perspective of intentional discipleship. This is the definition I’ve offered:


Mentor for Life Definition_Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

In short, I’m addressing mentoring for God’s kingdom purposes as intentional discipleship. This is unique because:

  1. The mentoring stories and experiences shared are relational and mostly communal, rather than one-on-one mentoring relationships.
  1. Approaching mentoring is this way challenges us to engage the biblical texts and look to the teaching and practices of Jesus.
  1. I have the wonderful opportunity to share personal stories and lessons learned throughout my fifteen years of leadership and mentoring experiences.

In my personal life, I know it’s so easy to get discouraged, grow weary, and lose sight of the great work God is doing in the world. That’s why it’s paramount for you and I be in relationship with others who will help us know and love God; affirm our identity, being, and purpose in Him; and love each other well. The truth is, we need each other on this life and spiritual journey, and that’s why we need mentors for life.

I’m humbled by the endorsements of Sarah Bessey, Christianity Today, Dr. Michelle R. Lloyd-Paige of Calvin College, and Missio Alliance.

“Bold and wise, Mentor for Life is an intentional discipleship guide for the women who officially or unofficially lead others. With refreshing boldness, this book trains and equips leaders for a great purpose.” – Sarah Bessey, author of “Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith” and “Jesus Feminist”

“With passion and clarity, Natasha Sistrunk Robinson has presented a case for mentorship that conveys both the urgency of the mission and a vision for execution. Jesus’ call to make disciples goes much deeper than merely transferring the information contained within the gospel. It requires an active commitment to living out the gospel with one another. Mentor for Life is written with the real world in mind, and provides a framework that is relevant to real people. If you want to intentionally engender a stronger faith in yourself and others, Robinson has offered up a valuable resource. “ – Richard Clark, Managing Editor, The Local Church, Christianity Today

Mentor for Life is a much needed reminder of the call to discipleship, particularly a discipleship  that is inclusive of those who have historically been marginalized within the evangelical church. Robinson’s words are at once inspiring and convicting to the gathering of believer we call the church. Inspiring – it is a call to action with clearly laid out steps to help us more fully live into the directive from our Lord to go out into all the world (including around the block) to make disciples. Convicting – it is a mirror that challenges us to look at ourselves and our outreach efforts honestly and conclude that there is much more that we can do. Thank you Natasha for this reminder of what it means to be the church.” – Rev. Dr. Michelle R. Lloyd-Paige, Executive Associate to the President for Diversity and Inclusion, Calvin College

“The centrality of mentoring for the integrity and impact of Christian witness cannot be overstated. Yet, sadly, there exists a significant void in the life and practice of many evangelical churches at exactly this point. In putting mentoring as an intentional means of discipleship back on the radar, my friend Natasha Robinson has offered pastors and lay leaders alike a tremendous gift, one that I think could help to spark a much needed revolution in the formation of Christian disciples and leaders for God’s mission!” – JR Rozko, Co-Director, Missio Alliance

We are only eight days away from the official release date, but you can pre-order “Mentor for Life” now:

And obtain your free leadership training resource and videos by completing the confirmation request here:

I pray it is a blessing for your spiritual formation, an invaluable tool for your leadership team, and a welcomed resource for your church, seminary, and all those you have the privilege of influencing.

Blessings, Natasha



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