Natasha’s Study: Happy Birthday, “Mentor for Life!”

After six years of blogging to include recommending, reviewing, and discussing other people’s books for Natasha’s Study, I am thrilled to say, “Happy Birthday” to my own book, “Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship!”

Happy Birthday Mentor for Life

For those who have been following this blog for a while, it’s no secret that I love reading! I have even said that I have been mentored by books and their authors. Over the years, I have completed 73 blog entries in this category because books are important. They can give us insights and perspective. They can challenge and convict. They can encourage us to move forward in a new direction and pursue a better way of being and living in this world.

This is my hope for “Mentor for Life.” While I always loved to read, I did not originally set out to write a book. When I began blogging in 2010 it was because I wanted to become more disciplined in my writing practices. This blog has helped a great deal with that struggle. Blogging regularly led to opportunities for writing articles. Writing articles about mentoring and receiving comments from those articles is what identified the need for this book.

When I reflected on those comments, a few things became clear. Women were struggling and suffering in silence in the church. They needed Jesus and they needed each other. So much of their struggle was a result of going at life alone. Well we know from the beginning that God said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” We were created for community. We were created for presence with God. These are the relational and spiritual needs of both men and women in the church.

While writing “Mentor for Life” my primary focus was to offer this book as a gift to the body of Christ. It is a humble and challenging reminder of our desperate need for God, and our primary calling to make disciples. When asking questions about discipleship, it is best to look to the life of Jesus. When observing his earthly ministry, we see him investing deeply in the lives of a small group of people, particularly his 12 disciples and some faithful women who followed him to the end. This reality sets a model for the benefits of mentoring within the context of a small group.

“Mentor for Life” encourages and equips you to commit to gathering with a small group of people for the purpose of advancing God’s kingdom together. We do this by understanding and embracing both the Great Commission “to make disciples” and the Great Commandment “to love God and love our neighbors.” When you mentor for life, you are joining with others to intentionally focus on the progressive framework to:

  1. To Know and Love God,
  2. To Understand and Affirm our Identity in Christ, and
  3. To Love our Neighbors as we love ourselves.

Daily making this pursuit with others in community is how the work of God goes forth in the world. God chooses to accomplish his will through us. I cannot imagine anything more motivating or inspiring to help anybody understand their life’s purpose. Can you?

“Mentor for Life” is available everywhere books are sold today! You can also purchase online:

Pastors, discipleship and small group leaders, and ministry directors can receive a free downloadable six lesson leadership training manual and accompanying videos when they complete an early order this month, and provide their confirmation here:

For more information, training resources, and learning opportunities, check out my official website:

On social media follow the hashtag: #Mentor4Life

Love and blessings, Natasha



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