A Leader’s Gift of Hospitality

One evening I was hosting leadership training. For several of the women on the mentoring team, this was their first time visiting my home. Upon arrival, one of the ladies said, “Your home is exactly as I thought it would be.” I smiled.

When I have people over, it is important for them to feel welcomed. First time guests are only allowed to bring themselves, hopefully a smile and a willingness to have a good time. It is my family’s opportunity to serve them.

Once these house guests become friends, they get what is referred to as “refrigerator rights.” They are permitted to go between the cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator as they please. Together, as a community, we then serve new guests that have been invited into our family.

Hospitality is not just about having a spotless place, or a large setting, nor is it determined by how well you can cook. Buy something, order out, ask a neighbor for help, or potluck it. The gift of hospitality is really about how you make people feel. Do folks feel welcomed when they enter into your space? Do they feel like it’s a safe, warm, and loving environment? Do they feel a sense of belonging—like you want them there?

Today I uploaded a new resource on my official website about The Gift of Hospitality. Specifically, the resource will benefit those who are hosting mentoring, discipleship, community or small groups in their home.


In recent years, I have also found the IF:Table a resourceful tool for offering hospitality to young women. Every month, IF uploads a recipe and free downloadable conversation cards for you and your guests. I haven’t tried any of the receipts yet but, I have used the conversation cards monthly and my girls love it!


If you are looking for other practical leadership and mentoring tools, come join us at tomorrow’s free webinar on Creating a Leadership Pipeline for the Men and Women in your Church.


Register today! Blessings, Natasha



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