Mentoring: Casting a Vision

Almost everyone I talk to agrees that mentoring is a great idea. The number one question I am often asked is, “How do you get people to do it?”

My answer is quite simple: You must be captivated by your own vision.


Oftentimes people don’t take the next step to get involved with mentoring because of a lack of confidence or because no one has provided them with a successful mentoring model—either through a program or personal practice. If you don’t take the initiative to model the way for them, they won’t do it. It’s that simple.

People are drawn to the buzz or whatever is hot or trending. Some would say that they are drawn to my personal passion. The Bible reveals that the Holy Spirit draws people. In the New Testament, this drawing often takes places through miracles, the proclamation of the gospel, and through the faithful work of Christ followers.

The gospel is what compels us to mentor and multiple, to become disciples of Jesus who encourage and equip others to follow Christ.

I am often encouraged when I read the narratives and testimonies of the apostles and other first century believers. When they were outcast and beaten, they shared the gospel. When they were persecuted, they shared the gospel. When they were in the public sphere and in Christian community, they shared the gospel. Nothing in their lives prevented them from doing this all important work to advance the kingdom of God. They were compelled by the gospel, and I am compelled by the vision and example they set for me.

When folks ask about the commitment of others, I am required to first look at my own commitment. As a leader and mentor, mentees will often follow my example. They will do what I do. If I am not excited by my own vision, if I am not committed to the work of mentoring and multiplying, then neither will they be.

At the end of the day, we have to consistently share the kingdom vision of mentoring and multiplying with people, and we have to consistently commit to doing the work ourselves.

Having a clear purpose and vision is important.

From the very beginning of my mentoring ministry, our purpose was clear.

OUR PURPOSE: to disciple women as believers of Christ. To see their lives transformed by bringing the master’s business into focus. The master’s business/desire is to build a family of worshipers for himself.

OUR VISION: By the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit, to see the lives of women transformed by renewing their minds through discipleship to live out their identity and purpose in Christ Jesus.


OUR MISSION: To teach and train women to Know and Love God, Know who they are in Christ Jesus, and Love Their Neighbors.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To teach and train women to know and love the triune God through the truths of the Holy Bible and prayer so that they will know who they are in Christ Jesus, and therefore love their neighbors as Christ loves them.

I develop similar visionary guideposts for my ministry work and mentoring relationships. It is important that we write this information down and regularly share it with our mentees. Having a clear vision gives us perspective, and keeps our minds clear, our actions focused, and our priorities in order.

What is your mentoring or ministry vision? How do you plan to work towards fulfilling that vision?

Seeing a vision realized requires a plan, and maybe some training. Nobody wants to fail. If you set a clear vision, and set people up for success, then they are more likely to respond in a positive way.

We must trust that God will fulfill his purposes on earth, and that the Holy Spirit is all powerful to work in hearts, to change and convict people, even us. And we must avail ourselves to God as humble servants willing to be changed by him, and as those who are available to work on his behalf.

When we have the right priorities, when the gospel is on our lips, when our vision is clear and we are willing to work towards it, people will be so glad to join us on the journey.

Blessings, © Natasha Sistrunk Robinson 2016

Published by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Servant of Jesus. Truth-teller. Leader. Mentor. Author of Books.

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