Leadership News and Updates

  1. Lead Stories Podcast: I was recently interviewed by Jo Saxton for the podcast Lead Stories. We focused our conversation on the theme of vision. I also had the opportunity to share tales from my leadership and life journey. You can listen to the interview and catch up on all podcasts here.

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  1. Outreach Magazine: I recently announced on social media that I am a new columnist at Outreach Magazine. Outreach is a bimonthly magazine that seeks to inspire and inform church leaders and pastors. You can subscribe to receive the magazine in print or through the iPad addition, in addition to keeping up with highlights through the online website at: www.outreachmagazine.com.

I’m so excited to share my first column which is featured in the March/April 2017 issue.

3 Growth Traits of Great Church Leaders


3-Growth-Traits-of-Great-Church-LeadersIn many ways, I am an old soul. I grew up hearing phrases like, “Keep your ear to the ground.” At the same time, I listened to my mother’s generation of sacred and secular influencers like Motown singer Marvin Gaye, who asked the world, “What’s going on?” When our lives are in distress, we must look to God, and we also need to look out around us. We need to ask ourselves and others some hard questions, and we need to listen. Keeping our ears to the ground helps us discern our current situation, and it also lets us know what’s coming so we can respond rightly.

  1. Great leaders train their ears to listen.

When taking a hearing test, the quality of one’s hearing is determined by whether or not the listener can distinguish various volumes and pitches. A person who listens well presses a button whenever they perceive a sound. Ironically, our anxiety will sometimes cause us to press the button when there is no sound at all. Life is just like that. Sometimes we listen well and respond rightly. Other times, we react inappropriately when nothing is even happening. How do we know if we should press the button? Sometimes we need a little help.

Continue reading at Outreach Magazine.

  1. I’m going to Rwanda!

Near the end of this summer I have the opportunity to join a group of Christian women leaders on a short-term mission and humanitarian trip to Rwanda. We are participating in this trip through a relationship with Africa New Life Ministries.

Use this link, to find out more about the trip from the organizer, poet and author Amena Brown.

I share my hope for the trip on my fundraising page here. I would really appreciate if you prayerfully consider supporting this effort.

  1. BONUS: Regular followers and readers of A Sista’s Journey know by now that I am working on my second book. My publisher InterVarsity press just made an announcement of the book deal through Publisher’s Weekly! This is exciting to see!

How is God blessing and guiding your leadership journey? I would love to champion and pray for you along the way.

Blessings, Natasha

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