Mentoring 101: Freedom

I recently led a women’s retreat about mentoring and intentionally making disciples in the church. It was such a wonderful experience! Much like reading or studying the Word, I find teaching a refining discipline. The more you do it, the more you become aware of its redemptive work in you, how much more the Holy Spirit desires to teach, and how much work you have to do.

The women I had the pleasure of engaging left the retreat engaged and excited to Mentor for Life! Since so many of them purchased both the Mentor for Life book, and the accompanying Leader’s Training Manual, I wanted to make the training videos readily accessible on my blog.

I also wanted to engage each of you in a six-part mentoring sessions that aligns with the Leader’s Training Manual. Over the next six weeks, our Mentoring Mondays will focus on the following topics: Freedom, Joy, Love, Peace, Hope, and Life.

If you leave comments, I will attempt to answer the questions throughout the series, or follow the series with specific blog posts to address your questions.


The BASICS: What is mentoring?


Mentoring is a trusted partnership where people share wisdom that fosters spiritual growth and leads to transformation, as mentors and mentees grow in their love of Christ, knowledge of self, and love of others.


Why Mentor for Freedom?


One of the top reasons people don’t mentor is because they lack confidence:

  • Either they have a low self-esteem or a negative view of the contributions they can make in the life of another,
  • they haven’t been told that they can lead or they haven’t effectively been trained to do so; or
  • they believe the paralyzing lies of the enemy that they have to get themselves together before they can mentor or disciple others.


Of course, none of this is true. This is why renewing our minds with the truth of God’s Word is so important. It is often what we believe that counts.


At the end of the day, we want and need more people on the front lines to mentor and make disciples. To get them committed to this important kingdom work, they must be willing to replace the enemy’s lies with God’s truth. Renewing their minds in this way requires training.


When we train people well, we will see a boost in their confidence. I’m not talking about a boost in selfish pride or ambition, I’m talking about a boost in their belief that God can actually use them in their imperfection and brokenness to advance his kingdom purposes for good.


Training prospective mentors and future leaders well will bring them from a place of fear to a position of freedom. This is the focus of the teaching video that accompanies Lesson 1 in the Leader’s Training Manual.


What does the Word of God say?


Read 2 Timothy 1:7 (NIV translation shared below):


“For God did not give us the spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”


The spirit of fear does not come from God. It comes from our enemy, Satan, who seeks to distort our belief of who we are, and paralyze us from agreeing with and committing to God’s good plan to redeem the entire world. On the contrary, God gives us his Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit goes before us as we become disciples who make disciples, and mentors who multiply.


The Holy Spirit causes us to walk in freedom, and not fear of failure or bondage. In Galatians 5:1, the Apostle Paul writes, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” The Holy Spirit helps us to stand firm! That’s the truth!


What can you do now?


  1. Say, “Yes!” Take the risk to mentor others.
  2. Prepare and apply yourself. Start reading through Mentor for Life. With its biblical foundation, practical examples, personal reflection and preparation questions, and appendices, you will be well on your way to effectively mentor others who advance the kingdom of God.


How does the Leader’s Training Manuel help?


This lesson of the training manual will equip you and your leadership or mentoring team in the following ways:


  • Prepare you to share your personal testimony with others.
  • Apply the Word of God to our understanding of God and ourselves.
  • Help you name some of the issues that keep you from responding to this important work, and help you replace the lies and excuses with truth and positive action.
  • Encourage team building and mentoring group synergy by discussion the purpose, mission, and expectations of your mentoring groups or ministry.


Want More?


You can always follow the mentoring conversation using the #Mentor4Life hashtag on social media (Twitter and Facebook).


The Leader’s Training Manual is designed to accompany the Mentor for Life book, and it can be used as a tool for training mentors and developing a mentoring leadership team. This resource is often made available for free or discount for those who book Natasha to speak, or those who receive leadership training and mentoring coaching from Natasha. Natasha will also make an electronic version of this document available to those who email and show proof of purchase for 5 or more Mentor for Life books.


Check out Natasha’s official website,, to receive free downloadable tools, recommended resources, request Natasha to speak, or to receive leadership training or mentoring coaching.


Blessings, Natasha



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