I’m Going to Rwanda


I have an amazing opportunity to participate in the “Woman to Woman” humanitarian and missions trip to Kigali city, Rwanda. Our trip will be a unique learning exchange, the of its kind through Africa New Life, where black women from America and black women in Rwanda can connect, learn and serve together. Author and spoken word poet, Amena Brown, is leading a team of 11 women in this effort. Here she shared her heart and vision for the trip:


Our team will facilitate entrepreneurial workshops with women in Africa New Life’s vocational training programs, experience the Kigali Genocide Memorial, share in mentoring sessions with high school girls, and participate in learning sessions on reconciliation and healing.


Rwanda is a country that has endured great tragedy, genocide and violence but it is also a country that has traveled and is traveling the long road of healing and reconciliation. America has experienced and is experiencing great tragedy, violence and racial injustice. My hope is to learn from Rwanda how to continue the road of reconciliation in our own country.


When women are educated, empowered, and encouraged, their entire communities grow and change for the better. Each dollar you give will support communities in Rwanda, and the communities we serve when we return home. There is much work to do. You can be a part of this growth and change by helping us embark on this amazing journey.


I share my heart for this trip on my funding page: https://purecharity.com/natasha-sistrunk-robinsons-fundraiser-for-woman-1/


I now have 30 days to raise a little over $800 towards this effort. Additionally, there are other women on this trip that have not reached their fundraising goals. As soon as I cross this financial threshold, I would like to help them as well. Your contribution of any amount will be quite helpful. Let’s do this together!



You can join the Tribe of people I am carrying in my heart to Rwanda.

Will you please also consider making sharing with groundbreaking opportunity with others who might be interested?

Thanks for your prayerful consideration.

Follow the trip and our team on social media through the hashtag #W2WRwanda.


Blessings, Natasha

Published by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Servant of Jesus. Truth-teller. Leader. Mentor. Author of Books.

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