Mentoring 106: Mentor for Life

We are closing our mentoring series with the same title of the book, “Mentor for Life.”

You can catch up on Parts 1 through 5 of the series here: Mentoring 101: Freedom, Mentoring 102: Mentor for Joy, Mentoring 103: Love, Mentoring 104: Peace, and Mentoring 105: Hope.

When my publisher and I came up with the book title, “Mentor for Life,” we were contemplating what mentoring for God’s kingdom purposes actually does. I have seen in my own life, and in the lives of those that I have the privilege of influencing that mentoring can indeed change a life.

Everyone wants to be known and loved. Everyone wants acceptance and to feel like they belong. When we mentor for God’s kingdom purposes, we are saying to men and women everywhere that God sees you, and I see you. You are known, loved, and accepted. That can dramatically change a person’s life.

I have seen it happen first hand when women and men avail themselves and invest in the lives of others. God works through them and he changes hearts and renews minds. This is how mentoring works:

When we Mentor for Life, we are extending an invitation. People will continue to show up in a place where they feel known, loved, and welcomed.

Mentor for Life Blog

In our lives, Jesus wants us surrounded by people who understand his purpose and who will also resist the desires of our common enemy to kill, steal, and destroy. Jesus offers life. The enemy offers death. Choose life and follow Jesus.

Is doesn’t matter the condition or spiritual state someone is in when they come to Jesus, we want to encourage them to persevere on their faith journey. You can journey with them.

Mentoring as intentional discipleship is a call to a new life, a transformed life, a life that is pleasing to the Lord. God wants each of us to live a purposeful and intentional life. God desires for us to live lives that are full of love and hope and joy and peace.

Scripture References: John 10:10


How does the Leader’s Training Manuel help me Mentor for Life?


This lesson is all about preparing mentors to minister in a diverse community and a diverse group of people. It includes a chart for generational comparisons, so the trainer can see the differences between generations, but also so the trainer can acknowledge what each generation contributes to the mentoring group. The chart includes an assignment to help mentors and mentees avoid the myths and resolve the common conflicts that occur across generations.


This lesson also includes a short presentation about how to share an unchanging truth in an everchanging world.


While this is the last lesson in the training manual, it is not the end of the manual. When I am speaking, giving a workshop, or leading a retreat, people often ask me, “How do you do it? How do you lead a diverse group of men and women so they truly follow Jesus and live their lives on purpose for God?”


My answer is often, “It is the work of the Holy Spirit.” Then I offer them the “Leader’s Training Manual” as a tool. In addition to the essays and lessons, the manual includes a mock session. This portion of the manual gives a step-by-step of how to outline, organize, and cultivate a mentoring group. It also includes preparation notes for the mentor or mentoring ministry group leader.


Want More?


You can always follow the mentoring conversation using the #Mentor4Life hashtag on social media (Twitter @asistasjourney and


The Leader’s Training Manual and accompanying videos are designed to accompany the Mentor for Life book, and it can be used as a tool for training mentors and developing a mentoring leadership team. This resource is often made available for free or discount for those who book Natasha to speak, or those who receive leadership training and mentoring coaching from Natasha. Natasha will also make an electronic version of this document available to those who email and show proof of purchase for 5 or more Mentor for Life books.


If you leave comments, I will attempt to answer the questions throughout the series, or follow the series with specific blog posts to address your questions.



Check out Natasha’s official website,, to receive free downloadable tools, recommended resources, request Natasha to speak, or to receive leadership training or mentoring coaching.


Blessings, Natasha



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