Let’s Have a Honest Conversation

These past few months have offered much to contemplate and reflect upon. In addition to the coronavirus, the United States has been confronted again with the pandemic of racism. Racism is the flower the continues to bloom from the root of white supremacy that founded and has sustained this country. That’s the truth, and we must speak it.

In my book, A Sojourner’s Truth: Choosing Freedom and Courage in a Divided World, I share my personal coming of age story as a black girl who was raised in the south. I reflect on how that foundation, my faith, education, and leadership opportunities have shaped my understanding and has fueled my work. We all need to hear and read more stories from people who are not like us.

Beginning tomorrow, evening, I am starting a 4-part book discussion series through my nonprofit, Leadership LINKS, Inc. It will feature authors, Patricia Raybon and Dr. Drew G.I. Hart; along with podcaster, Shane Blackshear; and editor of Comment Magazine, Anne Snyder. We are kicking off the discussion with Part 1: Formation (Chapters 1-4). We invite you to share and register to join us: https://bit.ly/LINKS-Leaders-Read

If you have note already purchased the book, my publisher (InterVarsity Press) is offering a 40% discount for the remaining of this month.

Published by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Servant of Jesus. Truth-teller. Leader. Mentor. Author of Books.

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