Can You Hear Me Now?

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It wasn’t that long ago a guy in a yellow shirt would interrupt our television entertainment to ask that annoying question. Even as I consider the ridiculousness yet genius of that marketing campaign, I realize how important his question is today.

Some time ago, this same guy started showing up in another commercial for a competing phone service. But he was asking the same question, “Can you hear me now?” The narrator then would ramble about all the ways that this company offered a better service than the guy’s previous employer. Both companies were trying to get us to do two things that we want and need to do: connect to and communicate with other humans. Additionally, they were offering us tools to accomplish both things.

As we survey that land over the past few months, we cannot escape the fact that the world is changing all around us. As we watch the church trying to adjust to the new normal and figure things out, I am glad that we have the resources and technology to give people what they want and need. I have appreciated the work and dedication of our church staff who ensure that we have online services and Bible studies. And I am also asking myself and others, What do you think God is speaking to us, the church, right now?

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