Through the Wilderness

I have learned how to pitch my tent in the wilderness. So days are better than others but here we are and here I am again writing my way through the wilderness:

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When I was growing up, reruns of a suspenseful show called The Twilight Zone would often be on TV. I was not allowed to watch, but I remember the creepy music at the beginning, followed by an unseen narrator who introduced The Twilight Zone as the dimension that “lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge.”

That about defines the year 2020.

There is a lot that people fear, and even more that we do not know. What does all this uncertainty mean for God’s people, leaders and the church?

Living in this current Twilight Zone means that we must learn to make sense of our present reality. There is no doubt that the world, our country, the church and so many people have entered a wilderness. For some it is the death of loved ones or the discomfort of poor health. For others, it may be the loss of a job, income, benefits or the anxiety of not having enough or not knowing what’s next.

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