Good News: Jesus is Still on the Move

Our family, like so many others have crossed the threshold of one year of quarantine, and limited connection with most of our family and friends. Breonna Taylor’s murders are still free and making memories with their families. A jury is being selected to try the case of the police who murdered George Floyd. We are well into the Lenten Season, and I am steadily reading through Mark’s gospel. As the trauma and realties of 2020 have lingered on into 2021, I continue to reflect…

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Only time will reveal the long-term effects and causalities of all that 2020 presented to us. The groanings of the Earth through natural disasters is not new; however, a global pandemic with no cure in sight was not foreseen by anyone but God.

This past year, some American citizens were awakened for the first time to the racial injustices of our social systems. Some were disheartened by the fragility of our economy and the state of our republic. Many questions arose: Where is the church? Who are we really? How is God calling us to rise in this fine hour? As I survey Mark’s Gospel, I am encouraged by the truth that Jesus is on the move.

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