A Sojourner’s Truth Podcast: #GriefAND Indigenous Peoples

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Episode 28: #GriefAND Indigenious People featuring Mariah Humphries. Mariah is a Mvskoke Nation citizen, writer, and educator. Through her experience navigating the tension between Native and white American culture, she brings Native awareness to non-Native spaces. With over twenty years of vocational ministry service, she is focused on theology, racial literacy, and reconciliation within the American church.

There is this loving order. Making sure everyone is unified. In my experience with Native American women that’s a strength that I see.

Mariah Humphries

In this episode of A Sojourner’s Truth Podcast, I sit down with Mariah Humphries and discuss the issues that are impacting Native American culture today. Mariah shares her insights and highlights key aspects of her culture that she feels is important for people to know and understand. In our conversation, we touch on the topic of women within the Native culture and how they make an impact within the lives of their people group and their role in our society today. Our discussion also includes insights about abuse, the church’s responsibility, concerns of today’s Native Americans, as well as what the Bible says about the Promised Land.

Listen to the full episode conversation below:

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If you would like to learn more about the The Muscogee Nation here is a resource for you to look into: https://www.muscogeenation.com/ 

Missing and Murderous Indigenous People (MMIW) is an organization dedicated to helping the Indigenous families through the grief of losing their missing or murdered family member. If you would like to support them or learn more about what they do, you can do so at this link: https://mmiwusa.org/

If you would like to learn more about Native and Indigenous cultures or find ways you can support them here are some organizations to look into:

National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center: https://www.niwrc.org/. Connect on Instagram

Rising Hearts: https://www.risinghearts.org/. Connect on Instragram

Sovereign Bodies Institute: https://www.sovereign-bodies.org/. Connect on Instagram

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