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Hello Beautiful People,

I had the privilege of being featured on the Be the Bridge Podcast hosted by Latasha Morrison and brought to you by the Be the Bridge organization. You can learn more about Be the Bridge podcast at https://bethebridge.com/podcast/.

Episode #255 with Natasha Sistrunk Robinson and Mariah Humphries: Listen in as Natasha and Mariah tackle subjects like recognizing culture as God intended, discipleship and biblical illiteracy, the systemic injustices in Christian publishing, and the challenges of leading as a Black woman. May this episode of the Be the Bridge podcast remind us all of the beauty and necessity of different languages, different stories, different experiences, different histories, different people groups. (Credit of episode description above given to Be the Bridge Podcast)

 I focus on the hope of no matter what we go through here, that we are God’s, and that we were created beautifully and called good through creation. And I think that’s kind of a reminder that I tried to put into this liturgy all the way through, to remind myself as well, no matter what we face, no matter what suppression we have of our voices, oppression that we have as people of color, as people of faith – there is that equality, there’s that intentionality as we were created. And as you talk about often not for sameness but oneness.

Mariah Humphries

In this podcast episode, Mariah and I share about the recently released Voices of Lament project including the inspiration for the project and how it provided an opportunity to combine lived experiences with the Biblical context. We also unpack the roles of women, specifically women of color in the church, in our culture, and in bringing up the next generation. In our discussion, we give several examples of lament that take place throughout the Bible and how it is instrumental that we recognize these stories and understand what they mean for us today.

You know, all those things have…all the trappings have been stripped away. And there’s nothing and no one but you and God. Like what do you say about Yahweh then? Is God’s name still worthy to be praised?
And so I think that really is the question that, you know, of all time that we were wrestling with. Is God’s name still worthy to be praised? And what I want to say out of my spirit is yes. And then so then how do you disciple people? How do you lead people? How do you coach people and mentor people through that reality? That God’s name is still worthy to be praised when death and destruction is all around, when things is not going your way, and things didn’t work out how you thought they would.

Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

If you would like to listen to the episode in its entirety you can do so at the following link: https://bethebridge.com/ep255-natasha-sistrunk-robinson-voices-of-lament/

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