A Sojourner’s Truth Podcast: #Grief, Poetry, AND Artistic Expression

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Episode 40: #Grief, Poetry AND Artistic Expression featuring Grace P. Cho. Grace is a Korean American writer, poet, speaker, and acquisitions editor at Revell. She creates space for people to be known, nurtured, and challenged through her work and desires to elevate women of color’s voices in the publishing industry.  She is also the co-editor of Take Heart: 100 Devotions to Seeing God When Life’s Not Okay, co-author of Empowered: More of Him for All of You, and the author of the (in)courage Bible studies, Courageous Influence and Create in Me a Heart of Wisdom.

We can find one another in our loneliness, in the grief, we can find one another as we grieve, and we can even build a togetherness and a belonging.

Grace P. Cho

In this episode, my conversation with Grace P. Cho starts out by touching on the topic of identity and how many of us often hide pieces of who we are, based on the boxes that people put us in or that we put ourselves in. Grace goes on to share her journey of becoming a poet and also shares the story behind her first ever published poem in the Voices of Lament book project. Our discussion then moves into the various forms of artistic expression and how every form of art is a way for people to express the emotions they are feeling, whether it be grief, joy, pain or happiness.

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