A Sojourner’s Truth Podcast: #GriefAND Thanksgiving

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Bonus Episode 42: #GriefAND Thanksgiving featuring Patricia Raybon. Patricia is an award-winning Colorado author, essayist, and novelist who writes stories of faith and mystery. Her debut 1920s mystery novel, All That Is Secret: An Annalee Spain Mystery, was a Parade magazine fall 2021 “Mysteries We Love” selection and a PBS Masterpiece’s “Best Mystery Books of 2021: As Recommended by Bestselling Authors.” As an African American follower of Christ, she encourages people globally to love God and each other. patriciaraybon.com

Even though we are talking more about mental health that doesn’t mean we are getting better.

Dr. Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

In this episode, Patricia opens by sharing about her personal story and also her journey as a writer and author. Our conversation then pivots to Patricia and I opening up about the grief of losing a parent around the holidays and the toll it can take on the family. Patricia talks about the importance of grief but also understanding the process of grief and being willing to go through that process. The discussion then moves to the topic of thanksgiving, sharing about what we are thankful for and the importance of being thankful.

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If you would like to read the book that was mentioned in the podcast, My First White Friend: Confessions on Race, Love and Forgiveness by Patricia Raybon you can do so HERE

You can read more of Patricia Raybon’s work at her website: patriciaraybon.com

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