The Storming of the Capital and the Crisis of Our Conscious

An Outreach Magazine Article (Published on February 16, 2021)

My birthday is on January 6, and I have no doubt that this year it was one for the history books. On my birthday, American citizens took over the U.S. Capitol Building where members of congress were preparing to confirm our nation’s new leadership. The United States is a country that prides herself as the epitome of democracy on the world’s stage, as evidenced by our fair elections and the peaceful transfer of power—or so the story goes. Yet on January 6, 2021, the world watched in horror as our nation and her leaders were assaulted by our very own.

Much has been said about the events of that day, and I suspect more will be written. I am not going to rehash the headlines here. What I will do is ask us, the American church (particularly white people in the American church), to face the truth:On this day, the American flag came down by a white majority group who raised up and waved the Confederate flag, Trump flags and banners that bore the name of Jesus. Ask yourself, Are these symbols or artifacts synonymous? Do they represent and mean the same things?

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