Choose Kindness

An Outreach Magazine Article (Published on November 10, 2021)


Growing up in the South, certain activities naturally brought people together. I remember the large yellow ribbons that hung on my neighbors’ front porches to show their support for the troops who were fighting in Iraq. My uncle served in the U.S. Army in Kuwait, so whenever I saw those ribbons, I felt as if the country stood with our family and that people cared. The ribbons were a kind gesture.

The Olympics also united us. As a kid, I thought the games were fun, something that brought the entire world together for healthy competition and celebration. We would gather around our televisions and cheer on the athletes. At the Olympics and in our celebrations, people were more kind then than today.

Whenever we were out and about, people tended to be generally hospitable when in public. We opened doors for someone whose hands were full, we greeted each other at the grocery store, and at times we let someone turn first at a four-way stop, even if we got there before them. Strangers were kind.

It was in this environment that I always looked forward to the holidays, because the sounds of Christmas tunes in a public place generally meant that people would up their hospitality a notch. Children would receive candy, fruit and hot chocolate at random moments. People expressed kindness to one another…

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