Wilderness: What Does the Lord Require of You?

This is the question the prophet Micah asked Israel when considering their disobedience to the Lord. Micah is a small book written by a prophet who is brokenhearted over the rebellion of Israel against God. He compels them to repent or turn back to God in a spirit of humility, reverence, and respect. In hisContinue reading “Wilderness: What Does the Lord Require of You?”

HOT TOPIC: Justice – Is It Sacred or Secular?

  POST UPDATE 02/26/2011: I love that blogging challenges me to wrestle with difficult topics and gives me an opportunity to learn. After publishing this post, I was informed by a friend that Bono is indeed a Christian. I rejoiced at the news! Check out what Bono has to say about the gospel:   http://goo.gl/JbSCR I was too excited to reach my quarterlyContinue reading “HOT TOPIC: Justice – Is It Sacred or Secular?”