Thank you for joining me…


I know that some of you are particularly interested in certain topics. Therefore, I wanted you to know what to look for and when:


FIRST OF THE MONTH – We’ll be dedicating to Jesus. Enough said.


SUNDAY BRUNCH – Awesome messages from Sunday School, Worship Service, or personal devotion.


MONDAY: WORLDVIEW – Justice: Increasing awareness of worldly issues that particularly impact women and impoverished children. Also focus on world missions. These posts give us opportunities to pray.


TUESDAY: NATASHA’S STUDY – Quarterly book discussions or book recommendations. Will also share insights from some of the books that I am reading or reviewing.


WEDNESDAY: LEADERSHIP – Insightful topics for Christian women who are leaders. Will also focus on mentoring, training, encouragement, and sharing resources.


THURSDAY: COFFE TALK – Stuff we would talk about over coffee, of course. “What’s on your mind?” Practical application for daily abundant living through wisdom found in the “Good Book.”


FRIDAY: HOT TOPICS/SPECIAL TREATS – You will know what’s on my mind right now, the passions of my heart. May get something funny or inspiring, or I may even introduce you to some of my friends.


It is my desire to blog 2-4 times per week. If I don’t get the opportunity to connect with you during the week, please pray for me. My disappearance from the social scene normally means that I’m living life with my first three priorities in their order of importance: God (which now includes seminary) * Hubby * Daughter

But you are next on the list, and I love connecting with you over coffee and hot topics.


Blessings to you my friends, Natasha © Natasha S. Robinson 2010

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