Coffee Talk: Eat, Pray, Love – Really?

     OK friends, saints and secular folks alike are talking about this book, Eat, Pray, Love, in anticipation of the movie’s arrival.  I bought the memoir at the airport several weeks ago because I am working on my own spiritual memoir.  I read a blog post by a respected literary agent who highly recommended thatContinue reading “Coffee Talk: Eat, Pray, Love – Really?”

Coffee Talk: Back to School Expectations

  Ahh, it’s that time again…Long lines at Walmart, freshly pressed curls at the hair salon (for my African American Sistas), new clothes, white sneakers, and who can forget the spiral notebooks (do they still use those?), golden yellow pencils with pink erasers (I know they don’t use those), and Crayola markers, highlighters, and coloredContinue reading “Coffee Talk: Back to School Expectations”

Coffee Talk: Friendly Attacks

Scripture Reference:  The Book of Job 42: 7-10             I was having a conversation with one of my close friends fairly recently.  Let’s just say I was (uummm…chastised would be too strong of a word) questioned about something that I had done.  To be clear, what I did was not even close to any ofContinue reading “Coffee Talk: Friendly Attacks”