Worship, Renewal, Redemption

An Outreach Magazine Article (Published on January 7, 2022) When we think about worship, our minds easily go to the religious songs we sing about God. Worship includes that spiritual practice, of course, but it involves so much more. Worship is intentional embodiment; it is when we lend our entire beings in the presence ofContinue reading “Worship, Renewal, Redemption”

Living Life in the Spirit

An Outreach Magazine Article (Published October 15, 2021) While reading through the end of John’s Gospel recently, I noticed how the disciples are in a grieving and fearful tight huddle until the resurrected Jesus comes to dwell among them. He gives them an assignment: “I am sending you.”  Then Jesus does something miraculous. With theContinue reading “Living Life in the Spirit”

It’s Book Launch Day: #VoicesofLament

Today is release day for my first editing project, Voices of Lament: Reflections on Brokenness and Hope in a World Longing for Justice (featuring 29 Women of Color writing on Psalm 37). Learn about the book by visiting the official website: http://www.VoicesofLament.com. Check out our IG Live Virtual Party. Follow the #VoicesofLament and #Psalm37Project hashtagsContinue reading “It’s Book Launch Day: #VoicesofLament”