Love You More, An Adoption Story

Hi Friends, November is National Adoption Month and I did not want the month to pass without discussing the topic here. I love the thought of adoption. I love that as a result of Christ’s shed blood on the cross, I have been adopted into God’s kingdom. My adoption provides me with a new familyContinue reading “Love You More, An Adoption Story”

Guest Post: Nicole Unice presents “The Divine Pursuit”

For those who missed Nicole Unice’s introduction on last week, check it out here.  Below Nicole shares with us concerning “The Divine Pursuit: A Study of Jonah:” Becoming a counselor is a weird sort of schooling. What other graduate program teaches you how to listen, ask good questions, and read interpersonal dynamics? Who but futureContinue reading “Guest Post: Nicole Unice presents “The Divine Pursuit””

Special Treat: Meet My Friend Nicole Unice

Hi Friends, Let me introduce Nicole Unice.  I met Nicole through a mutual friend while attending a Synergy Conference (more about that later) in March.  She is a petite young woman, and might I add, funny.  In spite of the Orlando, Florida weather, I remember her grasping a coffee cup tightly as a fashionable scarfContinue reading “Special Treat: Meet My Friend Nicole Unice”