“Is Jesus a Liberal Democrat?”

The majority of Americans (even the lower class) are extremely wealthy compared to people living in poverty all across the world. The government has instituted ineffective social programs because the church has failed to fulfill God’s call to care for the poor. Maybe now that the government is slashing programs, the church will regain its focus concerning those that God has called us to serve.

New Year: What’s Up with Jesus?

I was a little dismayed while checking the 2010 blog stats on last week. All of my “First of the Month” posts with “Jesus” in the blog title received the least amount of views. It’s like people didn’t even bother to check them out. I asked my husband what conclusions he would draw from this analysis. His response, “Maybe people are too “Jesus”ed-out. You know, like the whole Jesus freak thing turns them away.” Is that it? Considering my readership, I have to ask, “Are we done talking about Jesus? Do we think we know all there is to know about him? Or is it something else?”