Natasha’s Study: Mentor Like Jesus

After reading through the ministry and leadership material on hand, and researching the topic on the internet, I came across a recommendation of Regi Campbell’s book entitled, “Mentor Like Jesus.” I have often thought of Jesus as a lot of things. Not only has he impacted my life, but he is my life. Similar to the obvious situation with my mother, however, I had never really thought of him as a mentor. Wow! At the time his book was published, Regi had “graduated” his eighth group of young men from his personal mentoring ministry, a ministry that has the mentoring relationships between Jesus and his twelve disciples as its foundation.

HOT TOPIC: A Way Up for African-American Boys Part 4

Part 4: BE A TUTOR   We have: Part 1 – Identified the Issues, and discussed the importance of Part 2 – Making an Impact & Sharing Jesus.  We have also discussed the significance and challenges of Part 3: Be A Mentor.  Now we are taking a look at how we can be part ofContinue reading “HOT TOPIC: A Way Up for African-American Boys Part 4”